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These songs were not born in the club, nor were they written by producers' algorithms. So where did these hits come from? Maybe from poolside changing rooms (Aldona Orłowska is the Polish champion in butterfly style swimming)? Or maybe from opera singing lessons with Professor Olga Olgina, the melodist born at the beginning of the 20th century in Tsarist Russia? She feels as good in performing on yachts as in beautiful churches. Aldona marries the virtues of an opera singer and a disco star. She creates together with her husband, an outstanding instrumentalist and unconventional producer. They don't care about trends, they go where the music is. For a quarter of a century they've been splitting their lives between Malmö and Mallorca, Swedish piano houses and beaches. Aldona Orłowska. WOW! VINYL RECORD INCLUDES A SPECIAL HIDDEN LOCKED GROOVE